Health and Safety General Policy


  • Swat Environmental Services is of the considered opinion that the protection of it’s employees’ health and safety at work are of paramount importance. In order to minimise risks of any employee or other person suffering as a result of work activities, Swat Environmental Services is committed to complying with all relevant health and safety legislation, and will make full use of codes of practice, guidance notes and best working methods available.

  • Swat Environmental Services has a number of manuals in place to demonstrate the system it uses to meet with legal requirements.

  • In addition, Swat Environmental Services provides, as far as is reasonably practicable:
  1. a safe working environment
  2. safe working equipment
  3. safe system of work
  4. The training information instructions and supervision required to reduce risks of accidents occurring.
  5. Adequate welfare facilities
  6. Safe access to place of work

  • Swat environmental Services also wishes to ensure that the health safety and welfare of persons other than its employees are not negatively affected by its working practice. This includes substances and installed units that may be used in the course of its operation.

  • It is the responsibility of every individual employee of Swat Environmental Services to look after their own Health and Safety and to ensure that they do not endanger others, As representatives of Swat Environmental Services, they must also co-operate in meeting companies legal obligations.


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