Swat’s Top tips for preventing a flea infestation in the home

  • Regularly wash and check pets for fleas with a flea comb to catch a potential problem early and prevent fleas from becoming established in carpets, bedding and all fabrics.
  • Wash pet bedding weekly, ideally at temperatures above 50 degrees to kill any dormant fleas and eggs
  • Vacuum clean floors and furniture regularly – ensuring to cover hard to reach places as fleas like to hide in cracks in floorboards and crevices
  • Shake out or beat rugs and pet bedding outdoors so fleas and eggs fall off
  • Consider placing pet beds in areas without carpets such as on wooden floors (but ONLY if these are well sealed – if there are gaps between the boards this may actually make the pest much harder to treat)
  • If moving into a new home inspect carpets and flooring carefully for signs of eggs or ‘flea dirt’. If the previous owners had pets the flea larvae might be waiting for you.

Flea infestations complaints have shot up throughout the country

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